Saturday, December 14, 2013

the first giveaway!

hi beloved Flowers!
I want to thank you for following me, so it's time for the first give away!!! Are you ready??
the prize is very simple, nothing big but it's something really special to me!
it is a simple shopper (100% cotton and it is handmade) with the "the well dressed tulip logo" on one hand. The other one is totally personalizable with everything you want (I can draw/write everything you want)!!!
this prize is just to say thank you.
so if you want it you have to follow only three simple rules:
1-go on the FB page and become a follower
2-share the post of the giveaway
3-comment the post that you have done the previous 2steps (so I could give you a number for the competition)
this giveaway lasts only until Saturday 21/12
so, good luck to everyone
your T.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

are you ready for the first giveaway?

Evening my sweet Flowers,
how are you? I'm really tired because in these days I'm studying a lot for my last exams. That's why I've been absent for si many days, sorry.
But know, talking about happier, what do you think about a giveaway? I'm so happy that you follow me always and I want thank you with a little present.
Do you need a personazable shopper or just do you want it?
go to to see the prize and stay tuned for know the rules of this giveaway...

your T.

Monday, November 25, 2013

pretty, cosy and elegant too?

Hi Flowers,
how are you??my day is the same of the others, I've studied and now I'm thinking of you.
Yesterday I wore a simple outfit with a lovely dress that you can combine with different clothes to modify its style.
This is a metallic dress that I've bought one year ago but actually you could still find it on the web.
I've combined it with a cosy sweater with fake buttons on the back and than with normal boots.
Ok, I know that in that picture I wore my beeslippers :P
The best thing that I like very much is that this dress is really versatile, you could combine it with a pair of heels, a shawl or a overcoat and you have a perfect outfit for an important occasion, or a evening out or whatelse... ;)
Well, now do you want know how I've spent for this outfit (excluding the boot)??
Only €69 ---> €33 for the dress, €36 for the sweater
And now, do you want know the brands?!

Forever21 metallic dress (find on

Only sweater (find on or

of course, I wore all with blue leggings.

Do you like it?

Shine Flowers

 your T.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm in loveeeeeeeeee

Evening my sweet Flowers,
today I'm in shopping mood but I can't go out, I've to heal. Pfffffff!
That's why I'm staring at some e-shops. One of these is Forever21, do you know it?
I'm totally in love w/it. Unfortunately, in Italy there aren't shops therefor I use to do some trip around Europe to visit the city but to find F21 shops, too ;)
In this period I adore pois, stripes and, of course, flowers!!!!
Look at these dresses, what do you think?!
I waaaaaaaaaaant them, if anyone want to give me one of these for X-mas... :D

 your Tulip

for shopping

I need new jammies!

Hello my S.F.
how are you? I'm tired because I'm sick since Saturday evening.
As you know, I was out for the WE; I was in a romantic and amazing Italian city: Verona.
Unfortunately I got sick so my beautiful WE last only one day :'(
But, in my "healthy-time" I saw the city and not only :| I was in Tezenis, do you know it?
It is a Italian brand of very pretty, cosy and cheap underwear. Actually I use to buy a lot of clothes that I don't use as underwear ;)
Well, this WE I've seen a beautiful P.J. and I want it for X-mas. To make it a little bit sexy you can use this without the leggings.
What do you think about it? Let me know


 your T.

P.S.: I'm sorry, but I can't find a picture on the web site. I'm going to take personally a picture ASAP. In the meantime check out the website to find something ;)

If you are interested I can show you some pictures of this romantic city

Saturday, November 16, 2013

MANGO for everyone

Hey Flowers,
how's your Saturday? I am in a beautiful Italian city: Verona. Yes, the city of Romeo & Juliet.
of course I'm looking the amazing architecture, but I'm human and sometimes my eyes fall on some flyers.
Yesterday I've talked about mango for men. Today I have a wonderful news for everyone: man, woman, kids....
on the web you can find MANGO Outlet! I've already checked the e-shop and it is amazing. I have to buy something ASAP! there are some offers you can't pass up!!
check the site and become happy like me ;)
Now I've to continue my tour in this romantic city...

XOXO and Shineeeeee

 your T.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Hi Flowers!
I know, I know...I always talk with the girls.
But this evening I have a post for you, boys!!
Do you know and/or do you like the brand MANGO?! Now, on the website there are some discount for you man ;)
But for you girls too. I'm already thinking of some xmas presents. There you could fine some really stylish items. Just make the most of your time!!!
To be redirected to the e-shop simply click on the title.

And from today, shine with style

 your Tulip

Thursday, November 14, 2013

pyjamas or hoodie?

Today is an important day for me and a friend of mine. We have to celebrate something, but in really cosy and relaxing way! For this reason yesterday I've bought something!!
Do you know the Italian brand Twin-Set by Simona Barbieri? I love this brand, but for my pocket is too  expensive.
Fortunately I've found an outlet shop, where you could find some bargain, and yesterday I've bought a Hoodie. The funniest thing is that actually this is not a hoodie but it is a pyjamas :D
I can't understand how I could spend so much money for a, I like it very much and I've decided to wear it as a hoodie.
Are you interested about the price? The original one was 152€, and I've bought it only for 59€
What do you think? Am I crazy or not? Shall I wear it as a sweatshirt or not??
Leave a comment, I'm really interested in your opinion.

Shine my Flowers

Your Tulip

Sleeping Beauty

Morning my Flowers!
In my small village is a boring raining day. So, as usual I'm not in the mood to study ;) and you, what are you doing now?
To fill my day I'm looking for some xmas present for my nephews! Last week I was in Milano and I went in to the DisneyStore and I saw some beautiful dolls and some plushy only for 20 euro or less.
And you can buy them on the e-shop, too.
My older niece (she is 3) tell me always that she is a princess. So, what do you think about this baby Sleeping Beauty doll for only 20€?
Do you like it??

 your T.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

my new slippers!

Hey Flower!
today I've bought new slippers...and these are in very Tulip style ;)
It's like have two suuuupeeer-sweeeeeeet bees on my feet!
And guess how much I paid for them??? just 5 euro, and not in a Chinese store, but in a very expensive one! the brand is Scout, do you know that?!

As usual tell me what you think about them!!

your T.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ready for Xmas?

Good evening my Flowers!
how's today?I passed my day studying, so another boring day for me!
But not at all ;) I've passed some website searching the perfect dress for xmas!
I know, I's early!But I'm really choosy -_-' and I have really particular tastes!
I've found a really pretty and very cheap dress ;) on another website
Tell me what you think about's good for xmas or you have any better suggestion?!

Kisses for you my shining Flowers

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A interesting website!

Hello my sweet Flowers!
and let's talk about Saturday night...ahah! I'm kidding you! I really don't know what could
I wearing this.....any suggestion?! :|
Today I want to talk about my addiction. Yes, I'm addicted to some website, of course about low cost shopping!
Have you the same problem?!
In these days I always check this site:
It is a Chinese website with Chinese cloths and I know what are you think in this moment:
"why should I buy something on the web when there are so many Chinese in stores in my city?"
well, I've bought just once a sweater in a Chinese store and it smelled like oil/petrol/kerosene. These clothes are not good for our health and they last just one season or less.
On this website you can find the good part of Chinese clothes.
I've already bought something (like the dress I've shown you yesterday) and I can ensure you that they don't smell and everything is very cheap with good quality for the price.
There's only one problem with the shopping on this website: the shipping costs.
These cost are very high and the delivery is a little bit slow. You have to wait 10-25 days.
You cold receive the parcel before and pay something less with an express courier, but be careful.
In some country, like mine, than you must pay import fees, and this taxes are very expensive!
An idea should be to do an order with friends and than split the shipping costs.
Did you already know this website?!
Let me know

Shine like flowers

Your T.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday evening!!!!

Hi Everyone!
how do you feel today??I'm very tired (like always ;) ) and this grey weather is very tedious.
But today is Friday, so let's start with a joyful weekend!!!
Have you already planned what you could wearing this evening?!Yep, I are tired, bored and annoyed for something that happened at work, or at school or perhaps at home with some relative and so you are not in the mood to stay in front of your closet. Or maybe you are like: I could stand hours staring at my wardrobe and find anything to wear.
Do you think that your wardrobe is grey like this november weather?ok, you're like me.
We need something new, cushy and OBVIOUSLY pretty ;)
I just bought a pretty dress (really really cheap) that I think is perfect for a tranquil evening (like mine)...I'll show you the picture, just let me know what you think about it!!!
Tomorrow I'll post a review of the web site in which I've bought this dress!!

Shine like a flower

Your Tulip

P.S. I'm really pitiful with photo...sorry!!!and I know that I'm not a good model, if anyone want to stand in for me just contact me ;)

I've told you that I'm not a good photographer!!!

This one is for show you my beautiful legs  (-_-')

this is the dress

and these are the boots (just pay attention: please don't buy cheap shoes, they are very important for your health. Spend just a little bit more on shoes. It's for you)