Monday, November 25, 2013

pretty, cosy and elegant too?

Hi Flowers,
how are you??my day is the same of the others, I've studied and now I'm thinking of you.
Yesterday I wore a simple outfit with a lovely dress that you can combine with different clothes to modify its style.
This is a metallic dress that I've bought one year ago but actually you could still find it on the web.
I've combined it with a cosy sweater with fake buttons on the back and than with normal boots.
Ok, I know that in that picture I wore my beeslippers :P
The best thing that I like very much is that this dress is really versatile, you could combine it with a pair of heels, a shawl or a overcoat and you have a perfect outfit for an important occasion, or a evening out or whatelse... ;)
Well, now do you want know how I've spent for this outfit (excluding the boot)??
Only €69 ---> €33 for the dress, €36 for the sweater
And now, do you want know the brands?!

Forever21 metallic dress (find on

Only sweater (find on or

of course, I wore all with blue leggings.

Do you like it?

Shine Flowers

 your T.